BKL Radio is a service of the Leubantian Broadcasting Corportation which has operated in Leubantia under the terms of a Royal Charter since 1930.

BKL Radios 1 to 10 are based in Trilfuva, with the exception of BKL Radio 5, which is now based in Vünfîvä. However, programmes are also made in Îzätfä, Zîbärmîv, and Rädfîrd.


National (Leubantia)Edit

The BKL today runs twelve national domestic radio stations, nine of which are only available in a digital format: via DAB Digital Radio, Leubantian digital television (satellite, cable and Frä-tî-vü),live streams, and listen again on the Internet.

The "main" radio stations, available via both analogue (FM and AM frequencies) and Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), are:

  • BKL Radio 1 - contemporary pop and rock, news, current affairs, Top 50 (charts). Aimed at people aged 15 to 25.
  • BKL Radio 2 - talk, news, current affairs, politics, music (adult contemporary and other genres). Aimed at people aged 26 to 50.
  • BKL Radio 3 - children oriented, with children's TV programmes, the KBKL (Children's BKL) news, and bedtime stories from 6 pm to 8 pm. Aimed at children under 15, with some parts aimed at under-6s.
  • BKL Radio 4 - news, current affairs, comedy, drama, arts, books, religion, classical music, science, programmes. Aimed at over-50s.
  • BKL Radio 5 - sports, talk, news.
  • BKL Radio 6 - all kinds of music, including metal, heavy metal, jazz, classical, pop, rock, punk, reggae, dance, R&B, 80's music, plus news.
  • BKL Radio 7 - education. The station helps students study for their exams. One can phone in to the station, but only over-18s can phone in. The mothers and fathers of the students can phone in if the students are not yet 18, on the basis that they do not embarass their children.
  • BKL Radio 9 - history. The station gives history of Leubantia from when it was formed to today. The different periods of Leubantia's history are done on different programmes. Once the programmes are finished, they will just start again, or another part of Leubantian history will be aired (i.e., after general history, the programme may be about the history of Leubantian football).
  • BKL Radio 10 - gaming, including the latest video games, the new consoles, gaming reviews, and talk about consoles like the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3, and the Wii.

The new digital-only (Internet Streaming/Lüzît/freesat/Frä-tî-vü/DAB) radio stations are:

  • BKL Radio 1Xtra - dance music, hip hop, news, Top 50 (charts). It is Radio 1's sister service.
  • BKL Radio 4 Extra - comedy, fantasy, science fiction, romance, opera. It is Radio 4's sister service.
  • BKL Radio 8 - a sister service to Radio 5, with additional sports coverage.