Football at the 2020 Summer Olympics was held in Trilfuva and several other cities in Leubantia from 6 August to 23 August. Host country Leubantia won the gold medals for both the men and women's tournaments, with Madagascar winning silver at the men's tournament and Brazil silver at the women's tournament. Slembana won the bronze medals at the men's tournament while the United States won the bronze medals at the women's tournament. Kenya finished fourth at the men's tournament, while Albania were fourth at the women's tournament.

Men's tournamentEdit

Group stageEdit

Group AEdit

Team Pld Pts
Leubantia flag Leubantia 39
Flag of Kenya Kenya 34
Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 34
Flag of Fiji Fiji 30
Olympic Football Tournament
7 August 2020
90 minutes
Leubantia flag Leubantia 3-2 Flag of Kenya Kenya Dyluria Stadium, Îzätfä
Attendance: 30, 567
Referee: Matthew Boukara (Jamaica)
Hîbüntzä Soccerball shade 12'64'72' Onyango Soccerball shade 19'
Abasi Soccerball shade 76'
Olympic football tournament
7 August 2020
90 minutes
Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 3-1 Flag of Fiji Fiji Dyluria Stadium, Îzätfä
Attendance: 33, 654
Referee: Miroslav Roskada (Czech Republic)
Habelzade Soccerball shade 12'35'79' Faltorofa Soccerball shade 45'
Olympic football tournament
10 August 2020
90 minutes
Flag of Kenya Kenya 1-1 Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Dyluria Stadium, Îzätfä
Attendance: 32, 765
Referee: Edgar Sánchez (Colombia)
Onyango Soccerball shade 20' (pen.) Abasi Soccerball shade 75' (o.g.)